Open your thoughts to the world.

Wonder what others think about you? Frustrated because you cannot say to people what you really think?

Today society rules stop us of being ourselves. Stop us to be what we really are. We cannot share what we really think. We cannot be ourselves in public.

Why cannot I say I love you? Is it because your boyfriend or girlfriend is my best friend? It will be awkward telling you how I feel in person. But I need to get rid of this feeling from my chest. I need to share it with you. It is not going to hurt you to know someone else thinks you are special for them.

And why is it so difficult to say a friend what she needs to know? Do you think you are going to hurt her feelings? You are a good friend, you know better than others what is happening and your friend needs and deserves to know. But as a friend you cannot say it, because it will hurt.

Yesterday we could have sent an anonymous letter. Today, you can share your thoughts with Pensamientos and also chat with people who thinks like you. Don't hide what you need to share anymore.

Public and anonymous messages for people you know. Flattered and remember them how great persons they are, or just be forthright and tell them what they need to know, even if it hurts.

Open your thoughts to the world, everybody will know what you think but nobody will know who you are.

All the public messages are hidden after 100 days because we think thoughts are important during some time and they should be forgotten with time.
We only store private messages in our servers until they are delivered or to a maximum of 30 days.